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Mississippi Coast Model Railroad Museum

Mississippi Coast Model Railroad Museum

Railroad models

There's something timelessly attractive about railroads and trains. Whether you're intrigued by the idea of traveling on rails from destination to destination, fascinated by the lure of the undiscovered, interested in the intricate engineering involved, or just love the fun choo-choo of the train, the allure of trains spans generations. If you're staying at one of the beach hotels near the Mississippi Coast Model Railroad Museum, be sure to make time to stop by.

At Mississippi Coast Model Railroad Museum, train fans of all ages will be enthralled. Kids will love the LEGO model train display. Train enthusiasts will love the unique collection of model trains, including model trains dating back to the 1800s. This museum is a treat for all ages.

Mini railroad model

Mississippi Coast Model Railroad Museum features outdoor and indoor exhibits. In March 2021, they expanded to include a new building, the South Station. The museum houses over two million LEGO pieces. Visitors will see LEGO trains and their favorite movie characters. Thrill-seekers will love the rollercoaster train track as LEGO people enjoy the day at the theme park. All the pieces in the theme park move; from a spinning Ferris wheel to a whirling merry-go-round, you'll be transfixed.

Adventurists will love following running model trains through various depictions of American life. Travel through a rural farm, visit Wal-Mart, watch with fascination as a Blimp flies over the train, and then go to the big city with its airports and skyscrapers. There's even a space station to inspire rocket scientists.

Families will have fun at the interactive exhibits. Put together a train track and organize a town around it. New exhibitions in the South Station include a medieval village with a moat.

Outdoor exhibition rail

Outdoors, you'll also find various worlds to delight you. Model trains running through a Jurassic Park-themed world will thrill fans of the outsized movie with meticulous details. Futurama fans will get an out-of-this-world experience as they follow a train through a Futurama-inspired world.

There are four different outdoor riding trains. The Thomas the Tank Engine riding train is perfect for the youngest riders. A hand-propelled riding train offers a unique riding experience. Reminiscent of a Mississippi bayou, guests can take the Swamp Train path and admire the alligator and turtle statues.

The Mississippi Coast Model Railroad Museum loves celebrating holidays throughout the year. During spring, visitors can take part in a fun Easter egg hunt. During the winter holidays, enjoy the festive lights and holiday displays.

Because the Mississippi Coast Model Railroad Museum has so much indoor space, it's a great location to explore during a rainy day. The interior air conditioning makes it an excellent spot for those hot summer days, too. Whatever the weather, guests love soaking up the model train adventure.

The Mississippi Coast Model Railroad Museum is just one of the fun things to do with your family in Gulfport. The INFINITY Science Center will also inspire curious minds. You'll be blown away by the massive first-stage section of a Saturn V rocket. If you're staying at one of the beach hotels near the Mississippi Coast Model Railroad Museum, don't miss these family-friendly attractions.

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