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When visiting the Gulf Coast, you will undoubtedly be drawn to the waterfront. Enjoy playing in the water and cooling off at the Splash Pad in Jones Park. Visit Gulfport Harbor to see a variety of boats and ships. If you are looking to get away from it all, take a ferry out to Ship Island.

For activities that have their roots firmly planted in the ground, don't miss the Friendship Oak. This oak was already a sapling when Christopher Columbus first discovered the New World. To truly immerse yourself in the local culture, check out the local outdoor art in Fishbone Alley. Here, artists create murals on the walls, panels, and shutters in the alley. These community attractions will make you feel right at home in coastal Mississippi.

Friendship Oak

Friendship Oak

Friendship Oak is an imposing oak tree located on the University of Southern Mississippi's campus. It is over 500 years old and dates to 1487. According to USM, legend asserts, "those who enter the shade of its branches will remain friends for all their lives." It's a popular place to picnic, take photos, and meet friends, both old and new.

Gulfport Harbor

Gulfport Harbor

Gulfport Harbor is a busy place and home to all kinds of boats. Here, you'll see small craft like jet skis and sailboats. You can also see container ships loading and unloading. The Harbor is a recreational center of the city. Various festivals are celebrated here, including the Mississippi Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo and the Gulf Coast Yacht and Boat Show.

Hotels Near Fishbone Alley

Fishbone Alley

Fishbone Alley is a trendy spot in downtown Gulfport. Local artists leave their mark by creating compelling wall art. Visitors can stroll through while visiting local restaurants and shops. Be inspired by the diversity of these fascinating painted murals, shutters, and panels. The artwork is continuously changing and evolving as different artists leave their mark.

Jones Park & Splash Pad

Jones Park & Splash Pad

Jones Park is gorgeous! The wholly rebuilt complex features a marina, a promenade walk, and a replica lighthouse. Enjoy beautiful flower beds in spring and summer. In winter, delight in the festive holiday light displays at night. Jone's Park Splash Pad is a zero-depth water attraction. It's fun for all ages and is terrific in the summer.

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