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Escape This

Escape This

Key and Lock - Escape This

Have you ever tried an escape room before? There's a reason these games are increasingly popular. It's hard to beat an escape room adventure if you are looking for things to do with kids near Biloxi. This interactive game room is also popular with couples and groups. It's a great way to work together as a team and solve the mystery or riddle. The ticking clock adds to the drama and excitement.

Escape room

If you've never heard of an escape room before, the premise is simple. Escape rooms allow each person in your group to become a live-action hero. It's like a video game, and you are the stars. You and your adventurous teammates are willingly locked into a room. The counter is set for a specific amount of time, usually an hour. You then must work together with your team to find clues to solve the problem. Finally, the game is solved, and you can break free from the escape room.

At Escape This - Biloxi, there are several different room themes to choose from. Each room has a host. Escape Room - Biloxi is a small family-run company, and the hosts are often the owners. They're on hand to give hints as needed to help you solve the puzzle and escape. Each of the escape rooms has a one-hour timer. The clock often runs down to the second, adding to the thrill when you finally figure out the puzzle and find freedom!

In Pirate's Plunder, you must find the buried treasure before the pirate's descendants turn up. This room has space for eight people.

In Clue, you are immersed in the memorable Clue board game. You have 60 minutes to find all the pieces and cards. The last clue unlocks the mystery of the killer. This room has space for six people.

In Kidnapped, you are handcuffed. You must find the clues that will help you escape before your kidnapper returns. This room has space for eight people.

Man in the Prison

In Prison Break, your group will be split into two cells within the same room. You must discover how to escape the cells and then the room. This room has space for eight people.

Room themes are constantly evolving and changing as new adventures are added. Check our Escape Room - Biloxi's website for the most up-to-date themes and availability.

If you are looking for family-friendly things to do near Biloxi, this is a great all-weather choice. If it's too hot or raining, don't just stay at your hotel watching movies. Get out and enjoy a fun hour away from screens and work as a team together.

Escape rooms are best for kids that can follow instructions; usually, kids older than 8 enjoy the challenge. For couples, it's a chance to do something different than the casinos or the beach. If you are traveling with your coworkers, an escape room is a great way to improve your teamwork. Many guests enjoy the escape room experience so much that they try a second one.

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