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Hotels Near Fishbone Alley

Hotels Near Fishbone Alley

Are you looking for a trendy spot to soak up a little Gulf Coast culture? You'll find art, food, music, and more at Fishbone Alley. This tiny gem has become the glue that holds Gulfport together. It's a former service lane turned permanent art installation. And since it's bordered by some of the area's best restaurants and bars, it is the perfect spot to head for a night out or just an afternoon stroll.

Fishbone Alley is one of the best locations in Gulfport to grab a bite to eat and see some funky artwork. It's centrally located right downtown, too, so it's an excellent place to explore the rest of the town from. Staying in a hotel near Fishbone Alley is a great way to be near all the fun every night of the week.


The alley was the brainchild of local Economic Development Director David Parker. When Parker first saw the alley, it was a dirty utility alley used for trash and maintenance. There was no reason to go there, and it looked like countless other alleys in numerous other towns. But Parker realized that its unique location presented a perfect opportunity.

The alley is right across the street from Hancock Bank's Lighthouse Park, a lush green space used by all Gulfport people for afternoon breaks and evening strolls. By creating Fishbone Alley nearby, the two parks effectively become one and bring a lovely cohesiveness to the entire downtown Gulfport area.

The alley was already there, but it was a massive effort on the part of the city and the economic development council to clean it up and make the project work.

Once the construction was done, the work began to get the art in place. The community invited artists from the surrounding area to leave their mark in their unique ways. There are murals, panels, and an organized "shutter" program. As it's called, the Call to Artists is an ongoing component of what makes Fishbone Alley so unique.


Fishbone Alley is tucked behind two-story buildings and is almost completely hidden from the street. It's located right downtown, just west of Highway US 49.

The alley connects 13th and 14th Streets, running north to south, and lies between 26th and 27th Avenues. The most accessible parking areas are along 14th Street or 26th Avenue.


Fishbone alley artwork

Being so centrally located in Gulfport, it's no surprise that Fishbone Alley has become a center for events and good times in the area.

Depending on the time of the year, you'll find special concerts and events going on in the alley. There's a pub crawl for St. Patrick's Day, and don't miss the Mardi Gras celebration.

The area downtown is a leisure and recreation district, which means that patrons of the many bars and restaurants can take their drinks with them in to-go cups as they roam the art installations and funky decor of Fishbone Alley.

Some of the most notable establishments you'll find backing up onto the alley include Rooney's Irish Pub, CA Sarducci's Pizzeria, The District on the Alley, Kelly's Sports Pub, and The Rack House. If you're looking for a barbecue, check out Murky Waters.

Besides the organized music series and events in the alley, all of the bars and restaurants here often have live music with amazing local acts.

Fishbone Alley makes a great spot to get out and explore downtown Gulfport. Don't miss the Hancock Park on the north end of the alley, and head down to the harbor to examine and check out Jones Park.

If you're looking for other fun local things to do, don't forget to check out the Friendship Oak on the University of Southern Mississippi campus. With a lovely view of the beach, this towering landmark is a must-see.


If you're looking for spots to explore from your hotel near Fishbone Alley, start by heading over and looking around. You'll get an excellent feel for the community. While it's not a big place, it's a beautiful hangout with an authentic coastal and funky vibe.