42nd Annual Biloxi Seafood Festival 2023

Camille Reddick
July 21, 2023

Seafood lovers are getting their bibs ready for Biloxi Seafood Festival 2023. Taking place on Sept. 9, this huge celebration will include amazing seafood dishes, arts, crafts, live entertainment, vendors, and more! This is one of the country's best culinary events. Come down to experience the best seafood on the Mississippi Gulf Coast!

Why You Don't Want to Miss This Festival

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A love of seafood is just one reason to put this festival on your calendar. Biloxi Seafood Festival 2023 is about more than just filling your plate with amazing food! It is a celebration of Mississippi's culture. As anyone who has spent time in Biloxi knows, seafood is a way of life in these parts! For generations, families have earned their living through the vibrant seafood industry of coastal Mississippi. In addition, Gulf cuisine relies heavily on seafood. Families and friends love gathering around tables covered in freshly prepared seafood dishes. From boils to clambakes, the seafood traditions in Mississippi fill both the heart and stomach! When you attend this year's festival, you'll have your pick of oysters, crab, snapper, shrimp, catfish, and so much more! Let's not forget the joy of digging into biscuits, sides, and desserts that will accompany the incredible seafood offerings at this year's event!

How to Attend Biloxi Seafood Festival 2023

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The 2023 festival is taking place at 710 Beach Boulevard in Biloxi, Mississippi. The event is conveniently located right on Biloxi's town green to allow for easy access and parking. The event hours are from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Saturday. Admission to the festival is $5 per person. There's no cost for admission for attendees under age 12.

About the Festival

The 42nd Annual Biloxi Seafood Festival is put on by the Biloxi Chamber of Commerce as a fundraising event. Attendees will learn about Biloxi's rich heritage as they move throughout the festival in pursuit of delicious plates, great keepsakes, and more. This is also a chance to mingle with locals to discover why so many people love calling coastal Mississippi home!

Start Planning Your Trip to Mississippi's Best Seafood Festival

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While the Biloxi Seafood Festival may be a one-day event, there's no need to only stay in the area for a day! Biloxi is famed for its amazing beaches, cultural attractions, entertainment, and restaurants. Many people who come to town for the festival each year decide to enjoy a long weekend, full week, or more when booking their accommodations. If you're attending this year's seafood fest, take advantage of the fact that Biloxi is absolutely gorgeous in September to plan a beach holiday without too much heat. The post-summer beach experience here is something you definitely want to experience. Many people who do sightseeing in Biloxi stay in nearby Long Beach MS to be close to the stunning beaches, fine dining, and fun casinos that can be enjoyed on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Don't wait another day to start planning your incredible post-summer seafood adventure!

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