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How to Take Better Travel Photos

How to Take Better Travel Photos - Man taking photos with his camera
Carla Docdocil
Carla Docdocil
March 17, 2023

Are you an aspiring travel photographer looking for some tips and tricks to capture breathtaking images? Whether you're a novice or have experience, there are always ways to perfect your photography skills. Taking quality photos while traveling can be challenging due to unfamiliar locations, sporadic weather conditions, and ever-changing light. Keep reading for tips on how to take better travel photos regardless of your skill level, so grab your camera and let's get started!

Get to Know Your Camera

Three different cameras

Before you set off, ensure your camera is ready for all sorts of photo-taking adventures! Please take a few moments to get comfortable with it. Most importantly, you familiarize yourself before setting off on travels. This way, there won't be any missed opportunities as soon as something picture worthy shows up in front of your lens!

Apply the Rule of Thirds

It's time to level up your photography skills! With the rule of thirds, you can create beautiful shots that draw in any eye. Divide your image into three parts, like a tic-tac-toe board, and position key elements at one of four points where lines cross for an aesthetically pleasing photo. Remember, although this is a great starting point — don't be afraid to experiment with composition if it looks better another way!

Wake Up Early, Stay Out Late

If you love taking pics of your fantastic adventures, set aside time during the day - both in the morning and at night. Greeting each new dawn with a camera will give you access to peaceful settings free from tourist rush while having that golden hour before sunrise as a bonus! Remember sunset, too, because this is when stunning shots are made even more spectacular by those excellent warm colors all around! The best part? Well, these magical times come twice daily, so make sure to take advantage of them if amazing photos are what you seek.

Use an Array of Different Cameras

Exploring different camera types is an excellent way to determine what works best when capturing the perfect shot. Get creative and experiment with DSLRs, smartphones, and action cameras - all producing remarkable results. This is also an excellent way to learn what's best for various photography styles - explore until you find your signature style!

Try Different Angles

Man taking photos from a different angle

Unlock your creativity, and let the sky be the limit! Trying different angles when taking photos can open up a new world of possibilities. Get creative with low or high shots, and use domes for unique half-underwater/half-overwater images - why not? Go further still and take wide-angle views to pull in more detail, then move closer for mid-range versions before getting right up close and personal. No photo should stop at one idea, so explore all that's out there!

Explore Deeper - Include People or Objects

Spice up your travel pics with a unique twist! Consider adding people or objects into your shots. Not only will you create more personal images, but they could also tell an intriguing story. Be bold, hit that off-the-beaten-path spot, and look for something unique. Whether it's someone walking by or small landmarks like street signs, bringing in elements of surprise can take your photographs from pretty good snaps to genuinely unique works of art!

Look for Colors and Details

Get creative and incorporate some bold pops of color into your photos! Keep an eye out for vibrant colors to bring your shots to life. Feel free to add some bold shades yourself - bright clothing can help if visiting somewhere not naturally full of color. To snap stand-out pics, get close to your subjects: even small details tell big stories!

Do Something Fun

Man having fun while taking photos.

Make your travel snaps truly special by embracing the fun! Get adventurous, try new things, and really enjoy yourself when taking vacation photos. Capture those candid moments that turn into magical memories - it's so much easier with a bit of spontaneity thrown in. So unleash your inner explorer and get some fantastic photos on your journey.

Be Patient and Take Your Time

Crafting that perfect picture isn't a race. It takes patience and the art of taking your time! When you wait for the ideal moment to capture that magical shot. Whether waiting out different lighting or having someone move just enough within your composition, all those moments add up in truly unique ways. So don't rush through life with photography; relax, be patient & create something beautiful worth remembering forever.

Now You Know How to Take Better Travel Photos!

Taking the perfect travel photos can be challenging, especially if it's your first time exploring a new city. Now that you know how to take better travel photos, you’re ready to capture those picturesque scenes that will make all of your friends envious. So grab your camera (or phone!), and get ready to take some fantastic snaps as you enjoy all the fun things to do in Long Beach, MS!

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