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Hair-Raising Gulfport Cemetery Tours

Gulfport Cemetery Tours - Cemetery
Matt Claiborne
Matt Claiborne
September 24, 2021

There's nothing better than a fascinating cemetery tour held around Halloween.

Gulfport cemetery tours feature reenactments and fascinating tales told by actors in period clothing. These actors tell a mix of stories about historical characters. Tales about lesser-known people and events are also woven in.

These tours are family-friendly, and everyone is invited to take part. Wander through torch-lit graveyards at dusk, enjoy historical tales, and learn more about the fascinating stories of Mississippi's citizens.

Annual Old Biloxi Cemetery Tour

Old Biloxi Cemetery

The Annual Old Biloxi Cemetery Tour features live actors who continually perform their scenes. The tour is self-guided, so come during the specified time frame, and enjoy all ten reenactment scenes at your own pace.

Biloxi has a 318-year history, and its residents have fascinating tales to tell. The 2021 theme is Family Legends & Lore 2. Residents have submitted family tales that have been handed down through the generations.

Gravesites visited on this tour include Archbishop Eugene Marino, Jean Guilhot, the Hermit, and Edward Barq. Lazaro Lopez, St. Cyr Zamour, George Ohr, Walter, Cora White, and Maria and Miranda Younghans are additional stops on the graveyard tour. Finally, Joseph "Dinker" Lamas, Charles Albery Bessey, James Parks Caldwell, and Walter "Skeet" Hunt round out the gravesite tour stops.

Stories include the tale of Joseph "Dinker" Lamas being mauled by a bear and Edward Barq and the Barq drink.

The Annual Old Biloxi Cemetery Tour brings historical and exciting tales of its residents to live uniquely.

Annual Cedar Rest Cemetery Tour

Cedar Rest Cemetery

Every year, historical society members gather to portray Cedar Rest's deceased citizens. The historical society members wear period clothing and tell spooky tales that thrill and intrigue.

Visitors follow a torch-lit path through the graveyard at dusk. Along the way, Actors will regale them with different reenactments and spoken word stories. This popular event is a community favorite every year.

The event also features hot dogs, chili dogs, cookies, and punch, served at Lobrano House. In celebration of Halloween, there will be plenty of candy for the kids.

Long Beach Cemetery Tour

Long Beach Cemetery Tour

Every year, Long Beach Historical Society hosts a Cemetary Tour. Visitors gather at dusk and hear history come alive. Then, re-enactors share their tales of intrigue and possibly horror on a guided tour.

The Long Beach Cemetery Tour provides a unique way to remember the lives and stories of lesser-known historical Long Beach citizens. Visitors will also hear tales about the more well-known Long Beach figures.

The Long Beach Cemetery Tour is fun for the whole family. The tales are appropriate for children, and there are no scary details or locations. The tour takes place at the Sunnyside and Municipal Cemeteries.

The tour takes about three hours. Visitors will walk through the cemetery and watch graveside presentations and reenactments. Stories include well-known political figures as well as reports of ordinary people. The storytellers wear period costumes and engage the listeners with questions.

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