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Jefferson Davis Presidential Library & Estate

Jefferson Davis Presidential Library & Estate - House
Matt Claiborne
Matt Claiborne
August 20, 2021

The Jefferson Davis Presidential Library houses the written works of Jefferson Davis. Davis was the president of the Confederate States of America from 1861 to 1865. The grounds of Beauvoir house the library, the mansion where Davis lived after the Civil War.

The library hosts over 58,000 titles and includes writings by Davis, Davis's wife, regimental records, and military history books. The library also hosts a theater where visitors can watch a film about Davis's life. In addition, visitors can research genealogy in the library and look up listings of confederate soldiers.

The National Archives and Records Administration does not administer this library. The State of Mississippi supports the library.

Jefferson Davis Presidential Library Facility‍

Library's Reference Desk

Hurricane Katrina destroyed the original library pavilion in 2005. Funds from FEMA constructed the new library. The reconstructed library opened in 2013.

The statue of Jefferson Davis that sat outside the previous library pavilion was salvaged and relocated to the new library facility. William Beckwith sculpted the impressive statue of Davis. An additional statue, sculpted by Gary Casteel, was added to the library in 2009.

Jefferson Davis Presidential Library Archives‍

The library hosts a wide variety of reference materials and original documents. Visitors can search Confederate Army documents and find the names of soldiers and regimental lists. Visitors can also find information on the soldiers who fought for the Confederate States, as well as data about their families.

The library holds Davis family records, cartography books, and legal papers from the Civil War period. Visitors can find a host of historical photos that depict different scenes from soldiers' lives. The library has Civil War history books and books about the Confederacy.

In addition to Civil War period books, the library has an extensive collection of military history documents and books. Visitors can research wars back to the American Revolution.

Jefferson Davis Writings‍

Jefferson Davis was a prolific writer. Davis's wife, Varina, was also a writer.

Jefferson Davis wrote a memoir, The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government, in 1881. He completed the memoir on the grounds of Beauvoir. In 1889, Davis completed his final book, A Short History of the Confederate States of America.

Jefferson Davis Exhibit‍

Jefferson Davis Funeral Car

The library hosts exhibits detailing Jefferson Davis's life. In the Jefferson Davis Gallery, visitors can see the cloak worn by Davis when Union troops captured him in Georgia. Visitors will also find personal items, photographs, and family documents here.

Confederate Soldier's Gallery‍

In the Confederate Soldier's Gallery, visitors will find Confederate uniforms, soldier's letters, and rifled muskets.

Library Theater‍

Visitors can enter the library's theater to watch the award-winning film Jefferson Davis, American Son.

Beauvoir Home‍

Inside Beauvoir Home

Beauvoir Estate houses the library. After visiting the library, guests can explore the estate and see the Veterans Cemetery and the Tomb of the Unknown Confederate Soldier. Visitors can also tour the Beauvoir Home where Jefferson Davis retired after the Civil War and spent the last years of his life.

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