The Seabee Museum and Heritage Center

Matt Claiborne
September 17, 2021

The Seabee Museum and Heritage Center are located at the Naval Construction Battalion Center in Gulfport, home to the Atlantic Fleet Seabees. The Heritage Center features exhibits discussing the history and work of this crucial military division.

What is a Seabee?‍

Seabees logo with a soldier

The Seabees are another name for the Navy Construction Battalion. The name "Seabee" comes from the full name, Construction Battalion, or CB. When the letters CB are spoken together, it sounds like "Seabee."

The Seabees motto is "Contruimus, Batuimus". This Latin phrase means "We build, we fight."

The Seabees were established during World War II to build temporary and permanent infrastructure. Since their inception, the Seabees have been deployed around the world. Seabees have built bases, airfields and completed underwater construction work. In addition, Seabees have built bridges, roads, and support facilities. Seabees are not only responsible for new Navy construction, but they also protect themselves.

The Seabees have a patch on their left chest pocket. The patch has the official "Fighting Bee" logo along with the word "Seabees."

Seabee History‍

Pilots with seabee airplane

The First Construction Battalion shopped out at the beginning of 1942. Their first project was building facilities on Bora Bora to support the war effort. The Seabees would go on to take part in every amphibious operation during WWII.

The Naval Construction Battalion Center in Gulfport was first established in 1942. The Gulfport location was selected as a deep water port to serve war efforts in the Caribbean.

During the 1960s, the Gulfport location supported war efforts in Southeast Asia. Then, in 1969, Seabees based in Gulfport helped their community prepare for Hurricane Camille. The NCBC then served as a recovery center and staging site for post-hurricane relief work.

Seabees also helped the Gulf Coast recover from Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The Seabees helped organize relief efforts and used their time and equipment to lead clean-up efforts.

Visit the Seabee Heritage Center

The Seabee Heritage Center is owned and operated by the US Navy and is located on the Naval Construction Battalion Center base. Please call before you arrive to confirm base access. Guests will then stop at the Welcome Center at the Pass Road gate for a background check and pass.

Seabee Heritage Center Exhibits‍

Inside Seabee Heritage Exhibitions

The Seabee Heritage Center offers a variety of exhibits that show the Seabees' history and work. In addition, visitors will find artifacts from different events that the Seabees participated in.

In 2017, the Seabee Museum, located in California, sent 45 new artifacts and 25 new art panels to the Seabee Heritage Center.

Exhibits include a memorial to Admiral Ben Morell, who spearheaded the founding of the Seabees during WWII. Ben Morell became the Chief of the Bureau of Yards and Docks in 1937. He oversaw wartime construction and, in 1942, founded the new Naval Construction Force. Admiral Morell is known as the "Father of the Seabees."

Seabee Heritage Center Gift Shop‍

The Heritage Center also has a small gift shop. Visitors will find challenge coins, magnets, stickers, flags, mugs, and jewelry. The Seabee Gift Store also has t-shirts and children's apparel, and history DVDs and books.

Enjoy Coastal Mississippi History and Attractions‍

Coastal Mississippi has many historical and educational attractions. Visit the Seabee Heritage Center to learn more about the brave and often unsung heroes who have served our country. If you're traveling to MS, Long Beach, or the Gulfport area, check out our hotel and many area attractions.

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