Best Sushi Near Long Beach, MS

Matt Claiborne
June 3, 2022

The Mississippi Gulf Coast is the perfect place to find fresh, delectable sushi. With the Gulf lapping at our doorstep, that should come as no surprise. Whether you're a seasoned sushi goer or a first-time experimenter, you'll find some great options for the best sushi near Long Beach MS.

Places for the Best Sushi Near Long Beach MS

Different sushi rolls

If you've never stepped foot in a sushi restaurant, you're in for a bit of a surprise. Many people assume that sushi is just raw fish, and what could sound more bland and uninteresting than that?

Well, the truth is that sushi is the pinnacle for any seafood lover. This Japanese style of cuisine has taken the world by storm, but it's best enjoyed in coastal areas and on the beach, where the fish is fresher than fresh.

For those dipping their toes in the sushi waters, know that these places often have full menus that include grilled steak and seafood as well, along with staples like teriyaki and tempura-fried veggies, seafood, and meats.

There are three main types of dish that qualify as "sushi." First, sashimi is specifically just meat, served without any other ingredients. On the other hand, sushi has meat, rice, and vegetables rolled up in nori (seaweed). Finally, nigiri is a style of sashimi served atop a small pile of rice.

One final note about good sushi--it's a work of art and a thing of beauty. Sushi is artfully crafted by skilled chefs who take pride in the presentation and the combination of flavors, making each bite of each roll a treat for the eyes and tongue.

On A Roll

On a Roll Sushi

With an emphasis on classics like dumplings, tempura fried shrimp, and teriyaki, On A Roll is the perfect stop for first-timers. Their specialty rolls span the gamut from the Bubba Gump Roll--with lots of shrimp tempura, obviously--to the Coastal Crawfish Roll, a local favorite!

On A Roll Sushi is located on Jeff Davis Avenue in downtown Long Beach.

Fatsumo Sushi

Fatsumo Sushi is the perfect spot right near the beach, with artfully crafted rolls of the freshest ingredients. Don't miss the salads, ceviches, and local takes like their Cajun Roll.

Fatsumo Sushi is located right on the beach, across US 90 in Pass Christian.

Koi Sushi

Sushi & Sashimi Platter from Koi Sushi

Koi Sushi has been serving delicious rolls and nigiri on the Gulf Coast since 2010. Their menu is expansive, with all the special rolls, fried tempura, appetizers, soups, and salads you could ask for. They also serve a wide variety of fried rice and noodle dishes, so everyone in your group will find something to love.

Koi Sushi is located on Highway 49, just south of Interstate I-10 in Gulfport.

Cast Your Net and Try Some of the Best Sushi Near Long Beach MS

Whether you just want a break from the old standbys or want to try something really different, anyone can find something to love at a great sushi restaurant. And if sushi isn't your thing, don't miss the best burgers in Long Beach--we have plenty of those, too!

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