Best Kid-Friendly Dining in Long Beach, MS

Carla Docdocil
January 5, 2024

Are you looking for kid-friendly restaurants in Long Beach, MS, beyond its picturesque beaches and quaint charm? This city is a treasure trove for families eager to enjoy a meal together, boasting a selection of kid-friendly restaurants. In Long Beach, you'll find diverse culinary options that appeal to both kids and adults, creating a perfect dining harmony. Whether you're a resident or a visitor on an adventure exploring nature on the MS Gulf Coast, these restaurants are essential stops, offering delicious cuisine in a family-welcoming atmosphere.

El Saltillo Mexican Restaurant

Fajita Nachos

El Saltillo is a vibrant cornerstone among kid-friendly restaurants in Long Beach, MS. It immerses families in authentic Mexican culture, from its colorful decor to its lively vibe. The menu celebrates Mexican flavors, with Grilled Shrimp Tacos and Fajita Nachos as must-try dishes. These offerings provide a delightful mix of sweet and savory tastes that appeal to all ages. The kid's menu at El Saltillo is carefully designed to cater to younger diners, ensuring even the pickiest eaters are satisfied.

Waffle House

Waffle House

The Waffle House in Long Beach is more than just a breakfast destination; it's a community staple. Known for its all-day classic American breakfasts, it's a favorite among families. The chocolate chip waffles are a hit with kids, while the All-Star Breakfast offers a fulfilling start to the day for parents. The restaurant's casual and fast-paced environment makes it ideal for families seeking a quick and enjoyable dining experience.

Ward's Restaurant

Ward's Restaurant offers a unique fast-food experience with a local twist, making it a standout choice for kid-friendly dining in Long Beach, MS. Renowned for its signature burgers and wraps, Ward's combines traditional flavors with a modern flair. The Big One cheeseburger is popular, featuring juicy beef and fresh toppings. Ward's relaxed atmosphere and friendly service create a welcoming environment for families.

Lil' Ray's Restaurant


Lil' Ray's Restaurant is a fantastic destination for seafood lovers. It is renowned for featuring the best Gulf Coast seafood and offers a laid-back setting perfect for families. The Shrimp Po'Boy and Gumbo are standout dishes that embody the essence of Southern culinary traditions. Lil' Ray's is dedicated to offering quality food and a relaxed ambiance, which is why it has become a favorite among both locals and visitors alike.

Savoring Family Moments in Long Beach

Long Beach's dining scene exemplifies the city's dedication to creating family-friendly experiences. Restaurants like El Saltillo, Waffle House, Ward's, and Lil' Ray's offer diverse menus that satisfy various tastes and environments where families can create lasting memories. These establishments are more than mere eateries; they are integral parts of the community where locals and visitors can come together to enjoy memorable meals. So, if you're looking for kid-friendly restaurants in Long Beach, MS, these spots are ideal, ensuring a delightful dining experience for every family member on the MS Gulf Coast.

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