Fun at Wild Acres: Mississippi's Hidden Gem

Carla Docdocil
April 19, 2024

Have you ever fed a capybara or held a sloth? Discover the unique charms of Wild Acres Mississippi, a hidden gem where exotic wildlife encounters create unforgettable memories. This remarkable destination offers a rare opportunity to interact closely with fascinating animals in a hands-on, immersive environment. Whether you're a local or a visitor, Wild Acres promises an adventure that captivates men and women of all ages.

Experience the Hands-on Tour: An Intimate Wildlife Affair

At Wild Acres Mississippi, the Hands-on Animal Experince is an essential experience. During this tour, visitors engage directly with a diverse array of animals. It's not just a walking tour; it's an interactive adventure where you can feed porcupines and meet capybara.

Wild Mother's Day Tea Party

Celebrate Mother’s Day uniquely with the Wild Mother's Day Tea Party at Wild Acres. Enjoy delightful teas and treats in the park's enchanting ambiance. After the refreshments, guests are treated to a comprehensive tour of the facility, providing an up-close encounter with exotic species worldwide.

Wild Homeschool Meet-up

lemur in the tree

Wild Homeschool Meet-up is tailored for homeschooling families seeking a unique educational outing. This event combines learning with fun through a hands-on tour, during which both kids and parents can explore the zoo's extensive animal collection, fostering a community spirit among homeschoolers.

Group Animal Encounters: Where Education Meets Excitement

The Group Animal Encounter Tours at Wild Acres Mississippi is a must for animal enthusiasts. This 1.5-hour guided journey offers hands-on experiences with various animals, including feeding sessions with porcupines and capybaras and sightings of majestic creatures like Bengal tigers and a black leopard.

Sloth Experience

Young Sloth

The Sloth Experience is a highlight. It offers 30 minutes of personal time with Sammy, the resident sloth. Participants get to hold, feed, and snap photos with this endearing animal, making it a perfect activity for sloth lovers.

Babies of the Wild

The Babies of the Wild Experience is perfect for those who adore young animals. This encounter allows visitors to interact with nursery residents, including a baby sloth, pygmy goats, and a fennec fox, providing an unforgettable bonding experience.

Otter & Capybara Swimming Experiences

Teenager playing with otters

If you’ve dreamed of swimming with otters and capybara, Wild Acres makes your dreams a splash-worthy reality. This exclusive experience isn't just fun; it's an aquatic adventure that underscores these animals' unique behavior and habitat preferences. Interacting with freshwater creatures in a safe and supervised environment is a rare privilege, and the memories will last a lifetime.

Adopt An Animal

Participate in the Adopt an Animal program to support the wildlife at Wild Acres. This initiative provides the animals with the highest-quality care and enriching activities, ensuring they lead happy, healthy lives within their lovingly crafted habitats.

Explore and Support Wild Acres

Wild Acres Mississippi is not just a zoo but a vibrant, interactive ecosystem where visitors can deeply connect with nature and its inhabitants. From private tours to unique animal encounters, every visit promises new discoveries and precious memories. This destination is a must-visit for anyone eager to experience the wild side of Mississippi. So, why wait? Plan your trip today, and while you're at it, consider extending your adventure to nearby attractions like Infinity NASA, ensuring your travel itinerary is as exciting as it is educational.

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