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Dinosaurs Around the World at the MS Aquarium

Dinosaurs Around the World Exhibit - Dinosaur model
Matt Claiborne
Matt Claiborne
July 1, 2022

Mississippi Aquarium is hosting a special exhibit from May 28 through October 2, 2022. Visit the aquarium to discover Dinosaurs Around the World. This outdoor exhibit will take visitors back in time to an era where massive dinosaurs roamed the world.

Experience a Dinosaur Adventure

T-rex Model

The exciting dinosaur exhibit takes visitors to a time when Africa was covered in lush landscapes, Antarctica was green, and dinosaurs roamed. In this interactive exhibit, visitors will meet ten life-sized animatronic dinosaurs set amongst the museum’s outdoor greenery.

Passport to Pangea

Begin your tour of Pangea by picking up a passport. The passport offers fun facts about each dinosaur, serves as a guide through the exhibit, and provides a great keepsake of the trip. The passport explains the three Mesozoic Era periods and takes a deeper look at the continents the dinosaurs roamed.

Experience Dinosaurs Around the World

As you explore the exhibit, you will meet ten impressive dinosaurs, including a Tyrannosaurus rex, a Spinosaurus, and a Hadrosaur. The dinosaurs are set in a park-like setting to mimic a more natural environment.

The exhibit was created in collaboration with Dr. Gregory M. Erickson, one of the world’s leading dinosaur paleontologists.

Aquarium Scavenger Hunt and Ancient Ancestors

Many of the aquarium’s animals have origins that can be linked to dinosaurs. Mississippi has a fascinating history of dinosaurs and ancient water reptiles. Explore the aquarium and discover these fascinating links.

Augmented Reality Sandbox

The Augmented Reality Sandbox allows kids to play and create imaginative sand sculptures.

Play and Learn Fridays

Stegosaurus Model

Visit the Changing Tides exhibit, create your own dinosaur drawing, and watch it come to life at this special drawing station. Every Friday, staff facilitate interactive educational activities at the Changing Tides exhibit. Learn about fossil formation, prehistoric reptiles, how dinosaur names are created and discover fascinating details about dinosaur diets.

Explore Mississippi Aquarium Exhibits

Mississippi Aquarium offers both indoor and outdoor exhibits. The interior is dominated by a massive, three-story aquarium that hosts a giant swirling bait ball. The aquarium is home to a rescued sea turtle in addition to many fish and marine animals.

There are two hands-on exhibits that allow families to interact with sea life. Visit the Invertebrate Touch Experience and the Shark and Ray Touch Experience.

Outdoor exhibits include river otters, alligators, and dolphins. If you get hungry, check out the on-site restaurant. In addition, the aquarium has a beautiful gift shop.

Explore Mississippi Aquarium Presentations

Crocodile show

The Mississippi Aquarium has beautiful indoor exhibits with a variety of marine life. In addition, aquarium staff-led presentations throughout the day. Join presenters to learn about crocodiles and alligators during Croc Talk. Meet the aquarium’s dolphins, watch a training session, and learn about their behavior during a Narrated Dolphin Training Session. The Otter Chat is one of the most popular programs and features the fun-loving resident North American River Otters.

If you love birds, don’t miss the Aviary Chat and Feed, where you can learn about birds’ diets and watch them eat on the fly. During the Rulers of the Sky presentation, guests can learn more about bird migration, bird banding, and feather composition.

Scientists will love the Volcano Demonstration, where staff members show a chemical reaction that imitates a volcano eruption. During the Perfect Prehistoric presentation, visitors can learn about fossils and ancient species.

Experience Mississippi Hospitality

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