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Mississippi Gulf Coast Hockey Barn-Burners

Mississippi Gulf Coast Hockey Returns
Matt Claiborne
Matt Claiborne
November 19, 2021

There's nothing like a fast-paced game of professional hockey to get your blood pumping. In an exciting development, hockey is returning to the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

A barn-burner describes an exciting, high-scoring game packed with action and excitement. Biloxi fans can't wait to experience the thrill of professional hockey for the first time in years. Fans are hoping for many barn-burners to come!

History of Professional Hockey in Biloxi

Hokey Player

The Mississippi Sea Wolves brought professional ice hockey to the Mississippi Coast Coliseum in 1996. They were a very successful team and reached the playoffs in five of their first seven years. They won the Kelly Cup in a memorable championship game in 1999.

Unfortunately, the Sea Wolves took two seasons off following Hurricane Katrina's devastation. The Sea Wolve's home arena, the Mississippi Coast Coliseum, had sustained serious damage.

The Sea Wolves returned for the 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 seasons before ending their time in Mississippi.

Mississippi Surge, part of the Southern Professional Hockey League, took over the hockey mantle and played in Biloxi from 2009-2014.

The Mississippi Surge team was coached by Sea Wolves' player and coach Steffon Walby. During their tenure, Mississippi Surge won the William B. Coffey Trophy in 2011.

Mississippi Gulf Coast Hockey Returns

After nearly seven years without a professional team, hockey finally returns to Biloxi. However, instead of a permanent Biloxi team, the Mississippi Coast Coliseum will host three neutral site games.

Three Federal Prospects Hockey league teams will play the games. These games will gauge the community's interest in bringing a permanent team to Biloxi. Fans are excited to show their support and be an integral part of bringing hockey back to the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

December 2021 Games

Hockey Game

Three hockey games are scheduled for December. These games will be played between teams in the Federal Prospects Hockey League.

On December 2nd, the Port Huron Prowlers will play the Columbus River Dragons. The Port Huron Prowlers hail from Port Huron, Michigan. The Columbus River Dragons are based in Columbus, Georgia.

On December 17th, the Carolina Thunderbirds from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, will play the Columbus River Dragons.

Finally, on December 30th, the Port Huron Prowlers will again play the Columbus River Dragons.

These games are a chance for the Gulf Coast community to gather and show their overwhelming support for hockey. The goal is to bring professional hockey back to Biloxi permanently.

Fans know that professional hockey brings locals and visitors together and celebrates Biloxi's community spirit. In addition to local fans, hockey fans from nearby cities such as New Orleans and Birmingham are excited to show their support for a Gulf Coast hockey team.

Mississippi Coast Coliseum

Mississippi Coast Coliseum

The Mississippi Coast Coliseum is the largest oceanside Coliseum in the South. The Coliseum hosts sports, live entertainment, theater, comedians, festivals, and circuses. World-class artists such as Luciano Pavarotti, Elton John, Cher, and The Eagles have performed here.

When the Coliseum is set up for hockey, it can host over 8,500 fans. For other events, the Coliseum can host up to 15,000 fans. The Biloxi area has over 300,000 enthusiastic fans that want to attend local events.

Experience Biloxi

Biloxi is home to endless entertainment. Fans can find professional sports, concerts, and festivals at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum. To find out more about our exceptional area, check out fun facts from Biloxi to Long Beach MS.

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