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Best Seafood Restaurants in Long Beach, MS

Seafood Restaurants in Long Beach MS - Seafood
Carla Docdocil
Carla Docdocil
February 27, 2023

You're in luck if you love seafood and traveling to Long Beach, MS! There are many great seafood restaurants in Long Beach, MS, and the surrounding area; the question is, which ones are you going to try? There are many options, from authentic coastal-style creations to modern interpretations of traditional flavors. Here’s our shortlist of the top choices.

Steve Marina's Restaurant

Steve Marina's Restaurant Sign

Get ready for an unforgettable treat! Steve Marina's Restaurant is known for its authentic Creole and Cajun cuisine, and the seafood gumbo is a must-try. Using only fresh local ingredients and high-quality seasonings, create a rich and flavorful broth by slowly cooking the roux until it turns that deep brown color. Then comes the mix of succulent seafood and vegetables to bring out those fantastic textures while adding just enough warmth from the seasoning blend to keep you cozy as can be - yum! Finally, top it off with rice which will soak up every bit of goodness, giving your tummy even more reason to smile… that's what you call pure comfort food bliss!

Half Shell Oyster House

Oyster lovers, rejoice! Half Shell Oyster House is here to fulfill your wildest oystertastic dreams. Served extra large and fresh as can be - these succulent gems are sourced locally daily for peak freshness. No wonder the Oyster Bienville & Oyster Rockefeller dishes reign supreme on the menu; their unique combinations of briny goodness paired with savory toppings will make any taste buds sing a happy seafood song! And, if you love shrimp, you must try the Royal Reds from the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico; they are simply amazing.

Claw Daddy's

Seafood from Claw Daddy's

For over 15 years, Claw Daddy's has served delicious crawfish - perfectly seasoned and juicy tender. Not only are the main dishes delectable, but the sides will also engage your taste buds! Savory corn cooked in butter, potatoes that practically melt in your mouth - it's a real feast for all. And remember other fixings like mushrooms and sausage to complete the experience. If you're looking for an affordable seafood dinner at a reasonable price, then opt for some prawns, crab legs, or fish dishes too!

Cajun Crawfish Hut

Cajun Crawfish Hut is a unique, family-owned-and-operated restaurant that is sure to tantalize your taste buds with its traditional local seafood. The options are endless, from freshly prepared boiled shrimp and potatoes cooked just right to a succulent fried version that's perfectly spiced. You can also get crawfish cooked directly from live orders for maximum freshness! So come satisfy your cravings in a friendly atmosphere where excellent food meets warm hospitality-- let's get eating today!

LiL' Ray's PoBoys & Seafood

LiL' Ray's PoBoys & Seafood Crawfish

Get a memorable taste of the South at Lil Ray's! The family-owned restaurant has been serving delicious delights for more than 44 years - boasting made-from-scratch tuna dip, red beans, and gumbo. In addition to the iconic PoBoys that come with freshly-baked French Bread from New Orleans, Lil Rays offers a delectable hot roast beef PoBoy. It is packed with homemade delights, including gravy and slow-cooked roast - guaranteeing each morsel will be as flavourful as its predecessor. So if it's top-quality fried or grilled seafood you're after, then look no further; Lil Rays definitely has your back!

Enjoy Some Fresh Gulf Seafood Today!

Now that you know where the best seafood restaurants in Long Beach, MS, are, enjoy them today. From casual to fine dining, there's something for everyone on this list. For those who need a caffein fix in the morning, here are the best places to get coffee in the Gulfport, MS, area.

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