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Mississippi Aquarium Near Biloxi Mississippi

Mississippi Aquarium Near Biloxi - People inside an Aquarium
Matt Claiborne
Matt Claiborne
July 16, 2021

Get up close and personal with your favorite sea creatures and meet new friends at the Mississippi Aquarium. This unique aquarium near Biloxi, Mississippi, will delight ocean and animal lovers. The Mississippi Aquarium opened in 2020, and its modern facilities are superb.


Mississippi Aquarium

The Mississippi Aquarium experience starts on the third floor. The Aquatic Wonders exhibit is three stories tall and will ignite your imagination. Wind your way down through the display while watching for varied marine life. 

Walking through the suspended walking tunnel gives visitors a 360-degree look at the underwater world without getting wet! As you walk through the tunnel, you might see a stingray gliding by or a turtle bobbing along. 

At the touch tank, guests are invited to watch and touch the different sea life and critters. Feel the skin of a stingray or admire a sea star. Watch crabs crawl by as sea anemones wiggle.



Check the Mississippi Aquarium's daily schedule and attend live chats. Attend the Otter Chat to learn more about these big-personality creatures. You'll also get to meet the North American River Otters Jackson, Finn, Sugar, and Magnolia. 

See if you can tell the difference between an alligator and a crocodile at Croc Talk.

Learn more about the fascinating birds that live in Mississippi and feed different winged creatures at the Aviary Feed and Chat. For more feathered facts, check out the Rulers of the Sky talk. Learn about feather composition and bird banding and how you can play a part in bird conservation. 

The Narrated Dolphin Training Session is popular with everyone. Meet the newest dolphins, Archer, Axl, Finn, and Nigel. Learn about dolphin behavior and how these clever mammals participate in their care. Guests can also learn how to help wild dolphin conservation.



Guests aged ten and up can participate in SeaTrek. This experience requires a separate ticket. Immerse yourself in the ocean habitat without dealing with scuba gear or swimming. This safe, guided experience is fun for the whole family. No diving experience is necessary. Guests wear a special helmet that continuously provides oxygen. Guests stand on a platform and watch as fish, stingrays, and sharks glide by.

Dolphin Encounter

Dolphin Encounter

During this memorable encounter, guests will get up close and personal with friendly dolphins. This experience requires an additional ticket, and limited spots are available each day. Each session includes an educational lesson before the interaction takes place.

Next, guests will kneel next to the dolphin habitat. An expert trainer will guide each individual as they take part in various dolphin behaviors. Guests have the opportunity to touch and feed a dolphin. Trainers are on hand to answer questions. As a memento of this memorable experience, a 6x8 photo is included.


The Pelican Cafe

Mississippi Aquarium hosts the Pelican Cafe. The cafe is outside between the river and the aviary and offers outdoor seating. Enjoy nachos, burgers, sandwiches, tacos, and salads, along with refreshing drinks.

The Gulf Shop

The Gulf Shop is the perfect place to pick up an ocean-inspired gift for yourself or a friend.


Coastal Mississippi has so much to offer. Visitors will love seeing the variety of marine life at the Mississippi Aquarium. Another great way to immerse yourself in the marine environment is by taking a ferry to Ship Island. On the way to Ship Island, you are likely to see dolphins in the wild.

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