Lynn Meadows Discovery Center in Gulfport, MS

Matt Claiborne
July 23, 2021

The Lynn Meadows Center features both indoor and outdoor activities, just for kids! This educational museum focuses on immersing kids in unique hands-on learning experiences.

A Day at Lynn Meadows Discovery Center

There are many different activities and attractions at Lynn Meadows Discovery Center; plan to spend some time here to check it all out because there are lots of excellent exhibits!

Super Colossal Climbing Structure‍

Super Colossal Climbing Structure‍

The Super Colossal Climbing Structure spans the museum's height and provides a fun way for kids to travel from floor to floor. The climbing structure recalls the glory and majesty of the sea and is sure to unleash the imagination. Use the Climbing Structure to navigate the museum.

Bear Camp Bayou‍

If your kids are under four years old, start at Bear Camp Bayou. Kids enjoy relaxing in the giant nest while listening to their favorite stories. In addition, kids can put on a puppet show, playhouse, or play with big blocks.

Art Knows Anything Goes‍

Ms. Carla, the Discovery Center's artist, plans a new activity for artists each day. Check out the art studio and watch as your kids create a masterpiece. Activities often focus on history, local interest, or current holidays. This is an excellent way for kids to put their creativity to work.

Kids Can Explore Different Careers‍

Lynn Meadows has several different exhibits that allow kids to explore other careers and be the stars of their shows. So after completing the art activity, check out different career paths.

The Dolan Avenue Depot‍

The Dolan Avenue Depot‍

At the Dolan Avenue Depot, kids can dress up as train passengers or conductors and explore the excitement of train travel.

The Little Pet Vet‍

At The Little Pet Vet, kids can get a behind-the-scenes look at veterinary medicine. Learn about x-rays, exams, and grooming. Practice being a vet and learn about responsible pet ownership.

The Port‍

Learn about life on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and the hard work of being a shrimper. Kids can drag for shrimp or act as port workers and practice operating a crane and load bananas.

‍History Hotel‍

At the History Hotel, check-in as a guest or practice taking reservations. Go back in time to 1890's Mississippi and learn historical secrets.

To Market, To Market‍

Kids can run their markets and shop for their favorite goods at this marketplace.


Kids can star on a talk show at this popular stop, report the news, or discuss the weather at the Live Report.

Celebrate the World We Share -- Sun, Earth, and Universe‍

Celebrate the World We Share -- Sun, Earth, and Universe‍

After exploring the different options available on earth, it's time to go on a space mission! Kids can learn about NASA and design, build, and test their spacecraft. Kids can plan a space mission and explore the galaxy.

It's a Matter of Science‍

Kids can explore mass, motion, sight, and sound through hands-on activities. Kids will be inspired to learn more about this fabulous planet we call home.

Head Outside For More Fun‍

Head outdoors and enjoy the oak-covered outdoor exhibits.

‍Bear Creek‍

Kids can check out the authentic log cabin and imagine they are going camping by the creek. The kid-sized train provides a fun diversion.

Kids Street‍

Walk along this mini subdivision and kid-sized homes. Kids can find out what goes into building a house, meet their neighbors, and relax on one of the home's porches.

TreeHouse Village‍

Tree House Village

TreeHouse Village is the perfect last stop at Lynn Meadows Discovery Center. Play in the treehouse set amongst 100-year-old trees.

Enjoy Family-Friendly Coastal Mississippi‍

Coastal Mississippi is an excellent getaway for family fun. Check out Gulf Islands Waterpark and enjoy some family-focused fun during your Mississippi vacation.

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