The Best Pizza Near Gulfport MS

Matt Claiborne
February 26, 2021

Sometimes, all you want is a mouth-watering slice of pizza. It's comforting and feels like home, and it fills you up after a long day at the beach. There are plenty of great pizza joints near Gulfport, Mississippi, so load up the family and head out for a satisfying Italian dinner. Want to have even more fun during dinner? Take along these fun facts about Long Beach, Mississippi, for dinner time trivia.

The best pizza near Gulfport, MS, ranges from the classics you know and love, like pepperoni or meat lovers, to traditional Italian pies like Margherita with fresh mozzarella and basil. Or look for regional specialties for a unique take on the classics, with favorite local ingredients like shrimp and zesty andouille sausage.



Single slice of pepperoni pizza

The spot to head for in Long Beach is Joe's Italian Ristorante. This unassuming little building on Klondyke Road puts out some awe-inspiring and tasty Italian dishes. If it's pizza you're after, you'll have found it. They do a thin and crispy New York-style pizza that's just right. Pick your toppings on your own or choose one of their specialty pies. Calzones and strombolis are available, too. Their full Italian menu is full of delicious options if you're in the mood for something else. The veal comes highly recommended.


In Gulfport's historic downtown, you'll find Tony's Brick Oven Pizzeria. Tony set up shop after Hurricane Katrina, and he's been serving some of the best pizza on the coast ever since.

Start with the roasted garlic appetizer. It's a whole head of garlic, roasted to sweet perfection and served with warm, fresh bread. Tony's pies are 12-inchers with a thin, crispy crust and fresh toppings. For a special treat from the Mississippi bayou, try the Gumbo Pizza. Of course, it's got spicy andouille sausage and shrimp in a tasty filé roux sauce. Finish it off with the Lemon Berry Mascarpone Cake, and you've got a meal made in heaven.

C.A. Sarducci's serves pizza, subs, salads, and beer. What more do you need? This simple pizzeria has a smaller menu than some other Italian spots in town, but when all you're after is a great pizza, who cares? Their pizzas range from seven-inch personal pies to 15-inch family-sized platters. Take your pick from over 20 topping choices or pick one of their specialty recipes. The Jerk Chicken and Cranberry Pizza is a unique twist with Caribbean flavors that are worth a try.

Combination Pizza from Salute Italian Restaurant

A little less pizzeria and a little more fine-dining style, Salute Italian Restaurant makes incredible food. In their words, it's fine dining in a casual atmosphere. Sit on their patio for fresh air, Gulf views, and the tastiest al fresco dining Gulfport has to offer. It's a spectacular place to watch the sunset.

Salute's recipes capitalize on as many fresh herbs and ingredients as possible, made with traditional methods and served with Southern hospitality. They're one of the only restaurants in the area with a gluten-free cauliflower crust option, which is excellent. Their original hand-tossed homemade dough is pretty spectacular too. Choose a classic and simple recipe like the Margherita, or choose from a list of 13 ingredients to make your own unique creation.


Pizza is one of those dishes that you just can't go wrong with, so check out these local joints for the best the Mississippi Gulf Coast has to offer. The only question will be, is one slice enough?

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