Top 6 Places to Get the Best Coffee Near Gulfport MS

Matt Claiborne
March 12, 2021

Maybe one of the best things about a vacation is getting to have breakfast out. At home, we tend to get into a rut. We make our regular coffee and eat our regular cereal. But when visiting places like coastal Mississippi, there are so many great options to try. From old-world artisan-crafted pours to cozy beach-side bookstore cafes, we've got it all.



Bankhouse Coffee mug with coffee

Built in the oldest commercial building on Jeff Davis Avenue, Bankhouse Coffee occupies an original 1924 bank and post office. But the only thing coming out of the vault these days is delicious bean juice!

Build your own hot, iced, or frozen treats. You can also pick from some of their specialty coffees and teas, like the London Fog Latte or the Bankhouse Mocha. Bankhouse is the original location for Coast Roast, and you can pick up a bag or two to take home with you here. For snacks, they've got a rotating case of sweet treats, including scones and cupcakes.


Once you're addicted to Coast Roast's excellent beans, you'll want to seek out where you can get your fix. Coast Roast Coffee & Tea also operates a branch in Gulfport, right on Highway 49. When it's nice outside, sit on their patio. Or, pull through the drive-thru for a quick hit on your way to your next adventure.

Boozer's Brew & a Caffe Too chicken wrap

Suppose you'd like to grab a bite with your brew, head over to Boozer's Brew & a Cafe Too. As the name says, they've got a cafe, too. Bagels, croissants, and breakfast sandwiches are on the morning menu, and for lunch, they've got an excellent selection of salads, soups, sandwiches, and wraps. For a more sustaining pick-me-up, they've got some delicious shakes to choose from as well.

For a more continental experience, make tracks for Renee's Fine Dessert Restaurant & Coffee Bar. Renee's coffee is handcrafted in the old-world French tradition. Their signature brews include the Bourbon Blues or the Southern Frenchman. Breakfast or brunch is served Tuesdays through Saturdays from 8:00 until 1:00 pm, and you won't find a more decadent spread anywhere in Gulfport. Try out the Bananas Foster Waffles, or maybe the crepes with Grand Marnier-glazed and flambeed pears. If you're in the mood for a sugary and caffeinated treat, try the affogatos--handcrafted coffees poured over specialty ice creams.


Coffee from Cat Island Coffeehouse

You don't need much to make a morning on the beach in Pass Christian perfect, but a cuppa delight from the Cat Island Coffeehouse won't hurt. From their patio, you can see the beach and Mississippi Sound. It's the perfect place to relax, sip some fresh brew, and plan out your day's adventures. In addition to drip and espresso coffees, they've got iced options. For snacks, they've got sweet treats like cinnamon rolls, cupcakes, and macaroons. There are also biscuits and breakfast sandwiches for a more savory option. The entire place is packed with books, giving this little beach coffee retreat the vibe of a big-city bookstore cafe that took itself on vacation. Cat Island Coffeehouse is charming and captivating, and you'll want to go back before you even leave.


PJ's Coffee of New Orleans has a location conveniently situated in Bay St. Louis. They've got the classic espresso drinks you'd expect, plus hot and iced regular coffee, too. For the hot summer days, try their frozen granitas or Velvet Ice drinks. PJ's uses only the absolute best Arabica beans from all over their world to craft their small-batch roasted blends.


Once you've got your hands on the best coffee near Gulfport, MS, check out some of the best breweries in Mississippi. No matter which sort of brew is your favorite, you'll find a new breakfast staple to love in coastal Mississippi.

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