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Long Beach Mississippi Trivia on How It Got Its Name

Long Beach, MS Trivia Facts - Tree at Long Beach
Matt Claiborne
Matt Claiborne
July 2, 2021


The area that is now known as Long Beach was first noted on a map in 1774. At that time, a British map listed the site as Bear Point. The British might have seen a few bears near the Indian village located here.

In 1788, Nicholas and Marianne Ladner built a home with two chimneys in this area. This distinctive home provided a landmark for boaters, and the area became known as Chimney Point. The name Chimney Point appeared on an 1841 map.

Rosalie Village

Next, John J. McCaughan built a home in the area. His home had a 1,000-foot waterfront pier that schooners used to deliver the mail. The house was called Rosalie, and the small village followed suit. An 1865 map showed the village as Rosalie.

The railroad arrived in 1870. A resident, George Scott, donated land to the railroad and built a train depot. The village was re-named Scott's Station.

Finally, in the 1880s, James and Woods Thomas opened a fruit tree nursery in the area. They platted the town in 1882 and named it Long Beach. This fifth name stuck. James and Woods Thomas chose Long Beach in honor of the long, glorious, white sand beach along the shoreline.

Farmers were very successful in Long Beach, and by 1884, local farmers were shipping produce by rail. The railroad and agricultural successes drew in more farmers. Soon, Long Beach became known as the Radish Capital of America, propelled by the success of its Long Reds radishes. The radishes were long and resembled red carrots. These popular radishes were often set out in bars as snacks.

At the same time, residents of New Orleans began taking advantage of the railway and came to Long Beach to relax on vacation. Some of these early tourists became so enamored that they bought homes and permanently moved to Long Beach.

Long Beach continued to grow and soon sought incorporation. Unfortunately, they only had 890 residents and required 900 residents to incorporate. Residents convinced Donatien and Anastasia Dubuisson to move from Pineville to Long Beach. The Dubuisson's had 13 children with another on the way, so this family quickly helped Long Beach to meet its population goal and incorporate in 1905.


Long Beach Boardwalk

Long Beach is not only known for its gorgeous beach, but it was also famous for its long radishes. Today, Long Beach is a bustling, friendly city. The long sparkling white sand beach is still an undeniable draw. Tasty restaurants, family-friendly attractions, and world-class shopping add to the appeal.

Tourists still flock to the area and often invest in vacation homes. This spot on the Gulf Coast with five different names is known all over as a friendly haven for relaxation.

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